Warlock House


More fun with Hirst Arts, or Castlemolds®, molds.

Supply List:

1. Aleen’s Tacky Glue
2. Mold #70 Fieldstone Wall Mold
3. Mold #260 Flagstone Floor Tile Mold
4. Carstock (I used a DiGiorno Pizza box)
5. Legos
6. Merlin’s Magic Dental Stone

Bruce Hirst of Hirst Arts has created a great mold and project for creating a Warlock House. This was one of the first project that I started using his molds. After reading through the Hirst Arts website I decided to use dental stone for my casts. Dental stone is a lot heavier than other options, but is very strong and is hard to chip.


Pizza box at work:

Bruce Hirst mentions the use of Legos. I cannot recommend this enough. They are very useful when aligning and gluing pieces.


Aleen’s Tacky Glue is great for gluing dental stone. Bruce mentions that a little is all you need. I agree with this and you should just apply a little to both pieces. Try to avoid having so much glue on the pieces that it squeezes out when the pieces are placed together. The glue dries fairly quick, but I wouldn’t make too many adjustments until it has about 24 hours to dry.


This is a closeup view of some windows. I’ve found that the grey Merlin’s Magic dental stone is harder to cast without getting air bubbles. I created a personal vibration table and it works great in getting air bubbles out during the casting process. I will add a post later on how I created the table. The white dental stone seems to be easier to work with and I usually get less air bubbles during the casting process. There are several theories on why the different color dental stones work differently during the casting process.


There are noticeable gaps between the levels (rows of bricks). This doesn’t really bother me. Painting, using green stuff, and Crayola® Model Magic® can all help with removing these lines.


The next couple of pictures are of the second floor and tower.



Legos at work again…


The remaining pictures are just “in work” pictures. I will add more when the Wizard House has been completed.






I did not add the skulls and do not plan on adding them. However, I do plan on having some painted that I can be added as needed (not glued).

Add torches

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