Mantic Skeleton


I received my first sprue of Mantic skeletons with Assembly Kit. The skeletons are very detailed and look great. They were easy to cut out and glue together and the sprue came with extra parts to allow for more than enough configurations. I ended up ordering a Undead Skeleton Command Sprue, Skeleton Troop Sprue, and a Undead Balefire Catapult to add to the intial 10. Not to mention a lot of Orcs, Zombies, and Ghouls that were also ordered and my hundreds of Warhammer minis.

I tried both white and black for the base coat (primer) to see which one gave the best end result. Black ended up giving more detail when painted with layers and washed. The white seemed to need more touching up after layers/washes. Obviously more painting = more time and with 80+ Mantic minis to paint, I can’t waste too much time one any one mini.

Below are a couple that are in the process of being painted…

I have hoards of Mantic minis that have been put together and most of them still need priming. I’m still working out how I’m going to go about painting them in bulk. I’ve been debating on painting these in detail or just making them look good for table top games. I’ve also been thinking of using them as test figures before I start painting the more expensive GW minis that are starting to pile up in my mini stockpile.

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