Statues WIP


There is a need for statues in some games or modules. There are very few statue options when it comes to miniatures and tabletop gaming. That being said, I have decided to create some of my own. The first thing i needed to do was to answer a couple of questions.

What kind of statues do I need?
The short answer to this is…all kinds. Again, there are very few options available and the ones that are may cost a bit of money and may not necessarily represent what you need. For example, having a lizardman statue when you need a dwarf statue would just not feel right.

Can I use existing miniatures to create them?
Yes. Existing miniatures can be used to create statures. There are so many options to choose from. However, using D&D or other valuable miniatures would not feel good to the wallet. Also, this would not help if I needed larger statues of certain races or beasts. This led me back to the wonderful internet to search for some cheap minis.

I found a cheap set of minis called Guardian Knights, by Toysmith, to practice with on Amazon ($7). The pack contains a pack of 36 minis, so I’ll have quite a few to practice on. They also came with 3 different poses. The leftovers can be given to my kids for them to play with.





Mage Knight minis can be used if you really wanted to have unique statues and you can by them in bulk on ebay for next to nothing.

to be continued…

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