Wayward Board Game


Wayward Board Game
Copyright 2014 Bruce Hirst
By Hirst Arts

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some new Hirst Arts molds and the new game created by Bruce Hirst. Below are some pictures I took as I unboxed the game. The first thing that I noticed is the quality (and quantity) of pieces that arrived in a card box. All of the smaller pieces are shipped in a zip lock bag. The map is shipped in a sturdy shipping tube. There’s nifty little tool to pick up Action Chips after a round is played. The documentation is supplied in sturdy card stock and paper.

Overall, Bruce did an outstanding job with this product. I’ve played it a couple of times and I’m already planning on making another game board to be follow-on to the one shipped with the game. He also supplies 35+ videos that describes the rules and game play. This alone is almost worth the $49 dollars (~$8 shipping) that Bruce is charging. Another great aspect is that Bruce is active in his Message Boards and seems to respond to questions in a decent amount of time.

I will probably post some in-game pictures as we continue to play this very exciting and different game. Check it out!

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