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Bellowing Bertie

I was making some purchases from Miniature Market and came across the Bellowing Bertie from Dust Studio. Instantly I thought of using this awesome model for my Warhammer 40K Evil Sunz Ork Army. I was surprised to find that the model came almost complete. Probably because I’ve never bought a Dust Studio model before. This […]

Skeleton Warriors

I wanted to pick up some skeletons that I could use for different things (statues, fossils, ooze etc.). I didn’t want to use any of my existing skeleton miniatures such as Mantic, DND, Reaper, or Pathfinder. The main reason was cost… Anyway, I was watching some Youtube videos on making terrain and markers. The models […]

Viking Huscarls

Okay, so I finally decided to build all of the Huscarls from the Wargames Factory Hammer Gods line of miniatures. The pictures below show the boxes that the miniatures come in. The boxes are a fine reference for both layout and painting schemes. There is very little references online via Google…unless I just didn’t search […]

Base Numbers

With thousands of miniatures, most of which need to be painted, I decided that I needed to create a numbering system to keep up with all of the minis in my massive inventory. I’ve already created a database that contains miniatures broken down by manufacturer. This helps me run reports and quickly look up minis […]

Ork Bommer WIP

I purchased three Ork Bommers to create each of the options that come with the box. The below picture of the first bommer partially built and primed. I plan on painting the bommer in several sections and then gluing it together. I will be adding the sections to this post as they are painted. To […]

Statues WIP

There is a need for statues in some games or modules. There are very few statue options when it comes to miniatures and tabletop gaming. That being said, I have decided to create some of my own. The first thing i needed to do was to answer a couple of questions. What kind of statues […]