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Fieldstone Tower

I decided to start working on the 6″ round filedstone tower again. I am using Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc.”Castlemolds®” Mold #73 and Merlin’s Magic Dental Stone. I use Aleene’s Tacky Glue to glue the pieces together. Supply List: 1. Aleene’s Tacky Glue 2. Mold #73 3. Merlin’s Magic Dental Stone 4. 5. If you […]

Water Cavern

So a few ago I decided to try my hand at Hirst Art’s Water Cavern project.

Tavern Inn

I decided to use some Hirst Arts pieces to create the Tavern Inn. Supply List: 1. Aleene’s Tacky Glue 2. 1″ Styrofoam Insulation 3. Mold #40 Basic Block 4. Mold #203 Cracked Floor Tiles 5. Legos 6. X-Acto Knife 7. Merlin’s Magic Dental Stone Legos are used to help keep the pieces square while the […]

Dungeon Delve – Encounter 1

Supply List: 1. Aleen’s Tacky Glue

Vibration Table

I needed a way to help remove air bubbles from molds during the casting process. Supply List: I switched from having the vibration table on the workbench to creating a stand just for the casting process. A little overkill maybe, but this way I can move it anywhere when casting.

Warlock House

More fun with Hirst Arts, or Castlemolds®, molds. Supply List: 1. Aleen’s Tacky Glue 2. Mold #70 Fieldstone Wall Mold 3. Mold #260 Flagstone Floor Tile Mold 4. Carstock (I used a DiGiorno Pizza box) 5. Legos 6. Merlin’s Magic Dental Stone Bruce Hirst of Hirst Arts has created a great mold and project for […]

Village House

A few years ago I read an interesting article on Dante’s Game. He had a project in his Workbench called Master Mellilot’s Scriptorium. This inspired me to create a house in the same manner as the Scriptorium by using the same building materials. Supplies: Skinny Sticks Poster Board Craft Paint Once the floor was created, […]