Comfortable 2×4 Bench

Comfortable 2×4 Sitting Bench

I have been following Jay and he offers free 2×4 sitting bench plans (located here). It requires:

Eight 8′ 2x4s
24 2-1/2″ outdoor screws
21 2-1/2″ outdoor pocket hole screws
Outdoor wood glue
Miter saw or hand saw
Pocket hole jig

To get the rest of the plan please visit Jay’s website

After cutting all 2×4’s and drilling the pocket holes, I placed the legs on stands and started putting them together.

The pencil and Sharpie method worked great…

The finished sitting bench…

The handy helper using the shop vac…

A coat of Arborcoat Natural and it’s ready for the garden. Future bench projects may include treated lumber depending on how well this bench holds up. I just thought it would look better with a more natural coat.

Carpenter Bee Traps

I was having some carpenter bee problems, so decided to do something about it. I had a piece of scrap 4×4 and made some nifty little traps.

Wayward Board Game

Wayward Board Game
Copyright 2014 Bruce Hirst
By Hirst Arts

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some new Hirst Arts molds and the new game created by Bruce Hirst. Below are some pictures I took as I unboxed the game. The first thing that I noticed is the quality (and quantity) of pieces that arrived in a card box:



All of the smaller pieces are shipped in a zip lock bag:


The map is shipped in a sturdy shipping tube:


There’s nifty little tool to pick up Action Chips after a round is played:






The documentation is supplied in sturdy card stock and paper:



Overall, Bruce did an outstanding job with this product. I’ve played it a couple of times and I’m already planning on making another game board to be follow-on to the one shipped with the game. He also supplies 35+ videos that describes the rules and game play. This alone is almost worth the $49 dollars (~$8 shipping) that Bruce is charging. Another great aspect is that Bruce is active in his Message Boards and seems to respond to questions in a decent amount of time.

I will probably post some in-game pictures as we continue to play this very exciting and different game. Check it out!

Bellowing Bertie

I was making some purchases from Miniature Market and came across the Bellowing Bertie from Dust Studio. Instantly I thought of using this awesome model for my Warhammer 40K Evil Sunz Ork Army.



I was surprised to find that the model came almost complete. Probably because I’ve never bought a Dust Studio model before. This isn’t a knock to their miniatures, it’s just that I’ve never actually looked into their models. The P-48 Pelican (Bellowing Bertie) is a nice, well produced model.



I will provide pictures as I move forward with turning it into an Ork fighter/bomber…

Skeleton Warriors

I wanted to pick up some skeletons that I could use for different things (statues, fossils, ooze etc.). I didn’t want to use any of my existing skeleton miniatures such as Mantic, DND, Reaper, or Pathfinder. The main reason was cost…

Anyway, I was watching some Youtube videos on making terrain and markers. The models used were Skeleton Warriors by Wargames Factory!









I also picked up a box of Viking Hurscals and a box of Viking Bondi. I will cover these in a post in the future.

Viking Huscarls

Okay, so I finally decided to build all of the Huscarls from the Wargames Factory Hammer Gods line of miniatures. The pictures below show the boxes that the miniatures come in.



The boxes are a fine reference for both layout and painting schemes. There is very little references online via Google…unless I just didn’t search using the right terms.

More to come…like all other things…

Base Numbers

With thousands of miniatures, most of which need to be painted, I decided that I needed to create a numbering system to keep up with all of the minis in my massive inventory. I’ve already created a database that contains miniatures broken down by manufacturer. This helps me run reports and quickly look up minis that I have or need. It is extremely useful when I’m at a store and need to see if I already own a mini or not. Each mini is recorded as a unique record (even if it is a duplicate).

The below picture is a Reaper Bones Ape-X that I marked with a unique number to match it to the database…



The below picture of an Ork Boy with a unique number…


Sharpies are very handy. They even come with metallic colors to help with different color bases…


Marking these with unique numbers will also help for future sales. The buyer will know that they receive the actual miniature from the purchase picture.

Ork Bommer WIP

I purchased three Ork Bommers to create each of the options that come with the box.

The below picture of the first bommer partially built and primed. I plan on painting the bommer in several sections and then gluing it together.


I will be adding the sections to this post as they are painted.

To be continued…

Statues WIP

There is a need for statues in some games or modules. There are very few statue options when it comes to miniatures and tabletop gaming. That being said, I have decided to create some of my own. The first thing i needed to do was to answer a couple of questions.

What kind of statues do I need?
The short answer to this is…all kinds. Again, there are very few options available and the ones that are may cost a bit of money and may not necessarily represent what you need. For example, having a lizardman statue when you need a dwarf statue would just not feel right.

Can I use existing miniatures to create them?
Yes. Existing miniatures can be used to create statures. There are so many options to choose from. However, using D&D or other valuable miniatures would not feel good to the wallet. Also, this would not help if I needed larger statues of certain races or beasts. This led me back to the wonderful internet to search for some cheap minis.

I found a cheap set of minis called Guardian Knights, by Toysmith, to practice with on Amazon ($7). The pack contains a pack of 36 minis, so I’ll have quite a few to practice on. They also came with 3 different poses. The leftovers can be given to my kids for them to play with.





Mage Knight minis can be used if you really wanted to have unique statues and you can by them in bulk on ebay for next to nothing.

to be continued…

Fieldstone Tower

I decided to start working on the 6″ round filedstone tower again. I am using Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc.”Castlemolds®” Mold #73 and Merlin’s Magic Dental Stone. I use Aleene’s Tacky Glue to glue the pieces together.

Supply List:

1. Aleene’s Tacky Glue
2. Mold #73
3. Merlin’s Magic Dental Stone

If you follow the building instructions that Bruce Hirst provides, the tower can be configured to come apart for painting and gameplay. He went through a lot of trouble to create the instructions and they are free to download from his website. There are even building plans that can be downloaded here. You’ll want to print this out when you begin your project.




The pieces under the Sharpie X (left side) are not glued. These are used to help align other pieces to complete the circle.




It’s a good idea to number the rows as you go. This way you want skip a step and get everything out of order. I use a black Sharpie for this and the ink wi will be covered when the tower is painted. The following pictures are of row 6. I had not added the floor pieces at this point.



The next three pictures illustrate the tower though row 10, including the arrow slits. The white pieces were created using the white Merlin’s Magic dental stone.




The last picture illustrates how the tower can be taken apart for gaming/painting.


When I get finished I will weigh the tower to see how heavy it is. The dental stone can get pretty heavy for larger projects.

Finish top few levels